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Five Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Workspace

Five Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is one of Google’s most impressive collections of freemium cloud computing software and SaaS/B2B tools. You can do many things with Google Workspace, from building and managing your business to streamlining your day-to-day work activities. Here are the top five.

Professional Emailing

Think of good old Gmail, but bigger, better, professional, and customized for your business. Google Workspace provides professional email addresses, each with 30GB of email storage (shared with documents and photos), and a bunch of other great benefits as follows:

  • Sending attachment size limit of up to 25 MB
  • Receiving attachment size limit of up to 50 MB
  • Blocking up to 99.9% of spam, junk, malware, etc.
  • Reading, replying, deleting, and searching Gmail messages without an internet connection. 
  • Trustworthy — people tend to trust professional email addresses.

Collaborate and Work Easily

Google Workspace connects all your activities, making collaboration and teamwork easier and seamless, boosting productivity, from creating, updating, or assigning tasks to catch up with your team members and partners, customers, and suppliers anywhere worldwide, in real-time.

Meet Virtually

As part of your Google Workspace package, which includes Google Workspace Essentials and Google Workspace for Education, Google Workspace provides secure enterprise-grade video meetings that one can join on the go — very handy in an age where many are working remotely.

Backup, Store, and Share Seamlessly

With Google Workspace, everything is backed up automatically in your Google Workspace Drive, which everyone in your workspace can access, meaning everyone, including your team members, suppliers, and customers, can remain productive and updated, no matter the situation.

Your Google Workspace Drive at a glance:

  1. Flexible storage options: has several secure and easy-to-manage storage options and is easy to manage to ensure you always have enough space for your files while helping you meet data compliance needs.
  2. Quick access tool: Uses artificial intelligence to know your needs and machine learning-based search tools to connect users in your workspace to files that may require attention.
  3. Organize team files: It organizes shared drives in easy-to-manage shared spaces to keep everyone in your workspace updated.
  4. Minimal device storage usage: The desktop version gives you direct access to files on your computer without impacting your disk space, which speeds up file syncing and even streaming to increase productivity

As a Developer

Google Workspace also provides coding tools for beginners, novices, or experts, from Apps Script to Google Chat apps, Google Workspace Add-ons, and Google Workspace Marketplace. You can even interact with Google Workspace through REST APIs in the following ways:

Drive APIProgrammatically searches files, uploads documents, and manages file permissions.
Gmail APIProgrammatically sends emails, updates signatures, and manages other settings.
Admin SDKProgrammatically manages new and existing users, audits activity, or gets alerts about your account.
Calendar APIProgrammatically add or update Calendar events.


There is a lot more on Google Workspace. The list is very long and a bit overwhelming, especially for anyone delving into it for the first time, but we can give you a personalized step-by-step guide for seamless onboarding.

Featured image source: Piqaso Digital Content Team