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WordPress, One of the Best Things to Ever Happen to the Web

WordPress, One of the Best Things to Ever Happen to the Web

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) and open-source software written with PHP that you can use to create blogs, websites, e-commerce platforms, search portals, and other digital platforms. WordPress was powering 43.2% of the web space by June 2022.

There are two types of WordPress as follows:

  1. A web-managed blogging and website-building platform by WordPress.com
  2. A self-managed blogging, publishing, and downloadable web development tool available at WordPress.org or provided by most web hosting companies as part of the hosting package


In this version, everything is customized for you, from hosting to bandwidth management, data backup, updates, upgrading, etc., so you never have to worry about anything. It takes a few minutes to set up by anyone, whether a novice or a beginner. 

It has themes, plugins, and add-ons that you can use to customize it a bit to your liking. You can even sync it with your social media platforms. It is popular with bloggers, content creators, content managers, hobbyists, etc., and has both free and premium versions.

WordPress.com at a glance

  • Freemium web platform
  • Readily available on the web
  • No tech expertise is required to set up and use it
  • Limited customization options
  • Managed and hosted by WordPress.com


This version is self-hosted and is available as an installable script on your hosted Cpanel, but you can also download it from the WordPress.org site and upload it to your existing site as a CMS. It takes a bit of tech expertise to set up and use.

Unlike WordPress.com, it is fully customizable. You can use it to build bespoke blogs, websites, and other digital platforms. It has numerous plugins and themes like WordPress.com. With WordPress.org., you manage everything yourself, including updates and upgrades. 

You can enable auto-updates. However, manual updating lets you monitor and learn the components that build up your platform. It is popular with bloggers, content creators, designers, and developers. You can make money from your platform by publishing ads.

Is WordPress one of the No-Code Tools?

Yes and no. You can build a fully functional, interactive, and responsive site with WordPress without coding, but you will need a custom-coded platform at some point if you want a bespoke site. We can do custom coding for you at a pocket-friendly rate.

WordPress.org at a glance:

  • Free with web hosting packages
  • Available as a script or downloadable (and installable) file
  • It needs some tech expertise to set up and use
  • Fully customizable
  • Self-managed and self-hosted
  • Can be monetized

Platform Support

There is ready support for both types of WordPress from the wider WordPress community, where you can get answers, guides, tips and tricks, and solutions for nearly every issue you may encounter with your platform. We also provide tech support to our clients at no extra fee.

WordPress Any Time, Any Day

WordPress has been our CMS of choice as a digital agency for ages. We have never gone wrong with it and would recommend it any day, any time. Of course, there are other great CMSs out there, but we would still choose WordPress over them if we had to.

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Image source Souvik Banerjee/Unsplash