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We create exceptional digital solutions and bespoke products, from world-class native and cross-platform apps to custom software, fully interactive and responsive websites, e-commerce tools, AI systems, e-learning platforms, and more.

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How We Work, Timeframes, Phases and What to Expect

How We Work, Timeframes, Phases and What to Expect

At Piqaso Digital, we craft exceptional digital experiences through web design, app and software development, brand strategy, and digital content creation. We tailor our processes to ensure seamless collaboration and outstanding results.

Team Structure

Our team comprises skilled professionals in web design, development, brand strategy, and digital content creation. Each member brings expertise and creativity to deliver top-notch solutions.

Project Initiation

Discovery Phase (Timeline: 1-2 weeks): We kickstart with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals, target audience, and project requirements, which ensures our efforts align with your vision.

Web Design

  • Design Phase (Timeline: 2-4 weeks): Our designers create wireframes, prototypes, and stunning UI designs. We focus on user-centric design principles to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • Client Feedback and Revisions (Timeline: Variable): We encourage open communication. You can provide feedback on designs, and we’ll refine them to perfection.
  • Final Design Approval: Once the design meets your satisfaction, we move on to development.

App and Software Development

  • Development Phase (Timeline: Variable): Our development team transforms designs into functional, robust applications or software. We follow best practices, code rigorously, and conduct extensive testing.
  • Agile and Scrum Methodologies: We embrace agile and scrum approaches with regular sprints, stand-up meetings, and iterative development to ensure flexibility and adaptability to your evolving needs.

Brand Strategy

  • Strategy Development (Timeline: 4-6 weeks): Our brand strategists conduct in-depth market analysis, competitor research, and target audience profiling, which forms the foundation for a compelling brand strategy.
  • Collaborative Workshops: We value your insights, and through interactive workshops, we refine our strategies to align seamlessly with your brand’s vision.

Digital Content Production

Content Creation (Timeline: Variable): Our content creators generate engaging copy, graphics, videos, and other multimedia assets. We blend creativity with strategic messaging to captivate your audience.

Client Review and Approval: You have the final say. We present content drafts for your feedback and revisions until they align perfectly with your brand.

User Training

Training Workshops (Timeline: Variable): If user training is required, we offer comprehensive workshops to ensure your team is adept at utilizing our digital solutions.

Project Management

  • Dedicated Project Manager: Your assigned project manager will oversee tasks at hand and timelines and facilitate seamless communication between our team and yours.
  • Regular Updates: You can expect regular updates on project progress, ensuring full transparency and keeping you informed at every stage.

Deliverables and Milestones

We outline all deliverables and milestones with clear timeframes and review points to make you aware of project progress so that you can provide timely feedback.

Feedback and Revisions

We value your input. Throughout the project, we welcome your feedback and are committed to making necessary revisions to achieve your desired outcome.

Project Closure

Upon project completion, we ensure you get all deliverables and provide all necessary support for a seamless transition or launch.


At Piqaso Digital, we dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional digital solutions by designing our processes to ensure your satisfaction and success. We look forward to partnering with you on your next digital endeavor!

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